HONG KONGOct. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In television technology’s most advanced era, Toshiba TV’s M550K takes the 4K resolution spotlight for its unique ability to display HD content at its brightest and best. Every pixel counts on this television and at the peak of picture quality, Toshiba TV’s M550K is a stunner in every room it sits. Toshiba TV continues to surpass itself, with its M550 television series recorded an impressive 196% year on year growth of global sales volume.

Whether people are watching their favorite content directly on television or projecting content from smaller devices such as smartphones and laptops on the television, the Toshiba TV M550K is designed to deliver professional-grade ultra-high-definition pictures for a flawless viewing experience. Toshiba TV’s REGZA Audio Power Pro and Dolby Atmos compliment the M550K’s superb display with heart-shaking sound power. With an upscaling bass technology that pulls out the maximum potential in every sound that emanates from the TV, the M550K turns home into a theater of boundless immersive captivation.

Introducing a wider array of bright colour shades, the Wide Colour Gamut technology is another feature inbuilt with Toshiba TV’s M550K. Crafted to reproduce images into a finer and richer display, the Toshiba TV M550K conveys images that are deeper, sharper, and lusher than any conventional LED television on the market. Enjoy movies, games, sports, and other content in superior HD pictures and with breathtaking realness in every scene. This precision weaves into the 4K Brilliance Restoration, another mesmerizing ability of the Toshiba TV M550K.

Every time users turn on the M550K TV to view any content, every picture in every frame that comes to view is analyzed for improved quality. A dynamic, on-the-go feature like the 4K Brilliance Restoration does not only analyze images, it divides each one and restores it to ultra HD brightness, using colours that naturally enhance it before it is displayed to you in real-time.

TV time is more alluring with the consistency of Toshiba TV M550K’s 4K Brilliance Restoration. Say goodbye to dull pictures and blurry screen images with the ultimate craftsman television that refines pictures with high premium restoration at an unbeatable speed.

Transform home entertainment experience with Toshiba TV M550K’s rich display technology and relish the most realistic viewing that pushes beyond conventional LED limits.

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