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‘We must pursue STEM Education with morals’ – Rev Opuni-Frimpong

Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong, a former General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana says Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) must be pursued with morals.

‘The STEM Education must have another M, standing for morality we should not overlook the need for morality in that level of education.’

He said Ghana had to make deliberate efforts in shaping the morals of the youth to ensure that morality was not disconnected from educational pursuits.

‘The Ministry of Education is doing so well with the STEM and I’m so excited with the STEM module schools but we can’t take away morality.’

He warned that if issues of morality were not incorporated into the STEM ‘we may be producing intelligent criminals in the near future.’

Dr Opuni-Frimpong also the Executive Director of the Alliance for Christian Advocacy, Africa, and a lecturer, mentioned that training people in engineering, pharmacy, ICT and other critical areas of science without morals could be a danger to society.

He made the submissi
ons as a guest speaker at Nkansa-Kyeremateng Memorial Lectures at the Kibi Presbyterian College of Education on the theme: ‘Presbyterian Discipline, A Critical Tool for Reshaping the Youth for Ghana’s Socio-economic Development’.

He explained that a moral vision that emanates from God consciousness and understanding, which determined what to be done right was critical to national development.

‘That is all the famous Presbyterian Discipline is all about to provide a moral compass that guides behaviour of people in all spheres of national affairs both the youth and old.’

The annual Memorial lecture has been instituted in memory of the late Rev Dr Nkansa Kyeremateng, a Presbyterian Minister and former Principal of the Kibi College of Education.

Prof E.V.O Dankwa, Chairperson of the School’s governing Council, said on the pillars of discipline and morality, Ghana could transform in development just like Malaysia and others.

He told the students that with discipline and integrity nothing could stand on their
way of success and therefore, urged them to be conscious of their behaviour.

Source: Ghana News Agency