We need a sound financial management system – Dormelevo

Mr Daniel Yao Dormelevo, former Auditor General, has called for a sound financial management system for the country.

He said the nation’s debt stockpile crossed rescuable levels and required a bean counting financial management structure.

The former Auditor General made the call at the second anticorruption day celebration of the Asogli State’s Yam Festival Celebration.

‘We need a sound financial management system. A system which can ensure that resources are used for the intended purposes. A system which will ensure the strategic allocation of resources and fiscal discipline.’

He went on to state how a sound financial management system would produce more effective public service and improve leadership for the country.

‘We need public service which delivers efficient service to us. We need to move as a country under sound leadership.’

Mr Dormelevo also called for fiscal decentralisation as a measure to limit corruption, adding that localising financial control would best serve the needs of the people.

He said the fight against corruption deserved to be commercialised to enable individuals and organisations to pursue rot in society for a fee.

Other speakers including Emmanuel Wilson Jr, Mensah Thompson, and Eric Ahianyo, all known anticorruption campaigners, called on stakeholders to address growing concerns over the state of the nation’s economy.

This year’s Yam Festival marks 20 years of the reign of Togbe Afede XIV, the Agbogbomefia, and who was present at the event.

In a remark, he was hopeful that through patriotic leadership and perseverance, the nation could make a turnaround for the better.

‘We can turn the country around through honesty, hard work, and genuine love for our nation. But it requires leadership that will encourage us to work together and do things differently. Leadership that respects the truth, eschews divisiveness.’

Source: Ghana News Agency