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Yaounde: Murderer of woman confesses initially intended to rape her

By Charity Nginyu

Recent developments in the investigation of the murder of Mballa Victorine in Nkolfoulou, Yaounde, have unveiled disturbing details.

The perpetrator, currently in custody since the discovery of the victim’s body, has confessed to authorities that his intention was to sexually assault her.

According to sources close to the family, the tragic incident unfolded as Victorine attempted to defend herself against her assailant. Fleeing from the scene, she was struck by a machete thrown at her by the perpetrator.

Despite her efforts to resist, the assailant continued the brutal assault, resulting in her untimely demise.

Referred to affectionately as Mama Victo, the victim was tragically killed by the very person she had hired to execute some tasks on her farm.

Mama Victo, reports say leaves behind a grieving family consisting of five children and a grieving widower.

Source: Cameroon News Agency