Yaounde: retired soldier among dismsantled gang of robbers

A retired soldier, Takor Christopher has been arrested in Yaounde for allegedly being an accomplice to a gang that has been terrorizing the population of Yaounde.

The gang involving 5 members of ages between 21 and 37 were presented at the Yaounde IV central police station on Wednesday September 13, 2023. They were accompanied by two alleged accomplices, retired soldier, Takor Christopher and a woman, Abomo Stephanie.

They are suspected of robbing and killing a 65-year-old man called Tientcheu Raymond a few weeks ago in the nation’s capital.

While presenting them to the public on Wednesday, Police Commissioner, Mindjom

Christine Irene said Takor, who is the father of two of the suspects, has been covering them throughout. The two sons of Takor, Joshua and Enow, are said to be leaders of the gang.

Source: Cameroon News Agency