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ZEEGO Comfort coming to Douala

ZeeGo, Cameroon’s innovative smart mobility company is now cruising into Douala. Since launching in the Southwest Region in March 2023, ZeeGo has become synonymous with secure, reliable, and comfortable rides.

Branded as a one-stop shop for ride-hailing, ZeeGo goes beyond basic transportation offering a personalized experience with a portfolio of point-to-point services. Do you need a ride across town? We’ve got you covered. Sending a package? ZeeGo delivers. Schedule your trips in advance and enjoy the peace of mind of an efficient dispatching system that ensures a smooth and timely experience.

Experience the ZeeGo difference with comfort and reliability. Constantly relax and enjoy the ride in our comfortable vehicles.

ZeeGo scheduled rides are hassle-free with a provision for monthly and yearly plans to cover you with flexible payment using state-of-the-art fintech tool integrations all for your anxiety-free life.

Book your trips in advance for guaranteed convenience via the ZGo app (available on the Ap
ple App Store and Google Play Store) or visit our website today

Let ZeeGo be your trusted partner for all your transportation needs in Douala, Buea, and Limbe.

As part of its community ecosystem; Zeego empowers end-users to be part of the Z-Generation of smart mobility users. A partnership with Zeego Drive is an avenue for financial empowerment offered by ZeeGo, Reach out via ZeeGo info channels for the power of living smart at the tip of your fingertips.

Source: Cameroon News Agency