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A Woman’s Instinct: An epic theatre production shows at National Theatre on March 15

The National Theatre and its three resident groups will stage another exciting drama on March 15 to 16, titled: ‘A Woman’s Instinct’.

The theatre production is in conjunction with the National Drama Company, The National Dance Company and The National Symphony Orchestra, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

‘A Woman’s Instinct is based on a true story of a young woman named Adwoa Amissah, who took her own life in a dramatic fashion in Cape Coast, in the early nineteenth century,’ according to a press statement from the organisers.

‘The epic story describes Adwoa Amissah as the most enchanting woman and the desire of most men, who has vowed, that she will only marry a man who would be able to dislodge the whites out of the castle and their land at Cape Coast, Gold Coast.

‘The suicide of a thwarted suitor, and also the preferred nephew of a powerful neighbouring king declared death on his own life due to shame.

‘Resultantly, Adwoa Amissah killed herself because there was a law w
hich stated that anyone who causes another person to take his own life must also commit suicide,’ it noted.

National Theatre’s drama groups will present the legendary story through ‘dramatic sketches and narrations, incorporated with traditional and choreographed dances using classical Ghanaian music in the live presentation of a total theatre’.

‘A Woman’s Instinct’ stars veteran and renowned actors and actresses, including David Dontoh, Abi Adatsi, Edinam Atatsi, Mawuli Semevo, and Gadede Segbefia.

It is produced and directed by Abeiku Sagoe, a master playwright and international award winner, and a co-producer, Wakefield Ackuaku.

The show will open at 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm each day at GH? 200.00.

Source: Ghana News Agency