Ada estuary should be turned into mini-harbour – Marine Navigator

Daniel Ameduame Sotei, a Marine Navigator, has called on the government and maritime stakeholders to turn the Ada estuary into a mini-harbour as a measure to solve the perennial canoe accidents there.

Residents of Ada were once again thrown into a state of uncertainty on Tuesday morning as another incident of canoes capsizing in the estuary was seen due to the roughness of the sea.

The two canoes, which had 19 people together on them, capsized when the fishermen were returning from a fishing expedition.

The estuary is the place where the Volta River joins the sea, with high waves leading to accidents that are often fatal.

Mr. Sotei, who is also the National Financial Secretary of the Canoe and Fishing Gear Owners Association of Ghana (CaFGOAG), said in an interview with the Ghana News Agency that as a marine navigator, he had seen a few countries turning their estuaries into mini harbours.

He said apart from generating revenue through tourism and economic activities around it, it would also serve as a permanent solution to accidents.

‘In Dubai, for instance, such estuaries have been utilised for tourism purposes, and they are making a lot of money from it. This can lead to a lot of jobs springing up in the area instead of leaving it to kill people.’

He said the estuary could be widened, and the height of the sea defence around it could be increased to allow canoes to easily navigate in and out of the estuary without any problem.

The Marine Navigator said that with such a mini harbour, the place could be used for water transportation, which was cheaper than other forms of transportation. This,?he said, would also reduce the load on the Tema to Volta region roads.

Source: Ghana News Agency