Adopt sustainable fishing practices to protect oceanic mammals – FoN

The Friends of the Nation (FoN), a socio-environmental advocacy non-governmental organisation (NGO), has called on fishers to adopt sustainable fishing practices to help protect the oceans and marine mammals.

A statement signed by the Executive Director of FoN, Mr Mevuta Donkris, and copied to the Ghana News Agency, said: ‘Our oceans face unprecedented threats from pollution, over-fishing and climate change putting the health and viability of our planet and our communities at risk.’

It said there was a need for collective action from all stakeholders to protect Ghana’s marine mammal population, stop land-based pollution, promote sustainable fishing practices and address the devastating impacts of climate change on the oceans.

It said FoN remained dedicated to monitoring and studying Ghana’s oceanic waters, supporting sustainable fishing practices, educating communities on oceanic conservation and collaborating with international partners to address global oceanic challenges.

‘FoN recognizes the importance
of inclusivity in oceanic conservation and commits to engaging citizens in the decision-making process, fostering multi-stakeholder conversations, dialogue and collaboration, developing inclusive policies and programmes, building capacity for oceanic conservation, ensuring transparency and accountability and adopting an intersectional approach to address diverse needs,’ the statement noted.

While FoN saluted its community environmental monitoring and advocacy volunteers and scientists for catalysing local actions for a cleaner ocean, it called on the government, marine stakeholders and community leaders to join in the critical effort to advance the course.

The NGO further urged the government to take immediate action to protect and restore marine habitats, and ecosystems, and support marine research and innovation to ensure fair, complimentary and environmentally conscious access for all oceanic resources.

Source: Ghana News Agency