Back to school: GBPS Bafemgha in ruins hours to new school year

Government Bilingual Primary School Bafemgha in Mbouda subdivision, West Region whose buildings were shattered by heavy rains during the Easter holiday period of the last academic year is still a shadow of itself and remains uncertain for a safe school resumption.

The administrative and teaching staff at the school like in other schools across the country resumed the school year on August 28 and August 30, 2023, under the supervision of its Headteacher Mme Mafofou Fopa Leontine. The school’s authority has given assurances for its readiness pedagogic-wise to start lessons on Monday, September 4, 2023, with an expected 250 pupils.

” The academic year began smoothly for both the administrative and teaching staff here. We are expecting over 250 pupils as was the case last year. If not pedagogically we are ready as teachers have been assigned in their respective classrooms,” Mafofou Fopa Leontine, Headteacher of the school told the press.

The major challenge the school faces as the school year begins is the incomplete nature of the buildings including the headteacher’s office, that were destroyed on April 18, 2023, during the second term holiday by heavy rains. Even though work is still incomplete, the main worry is where the children attend classes.

” Our major problem is the building that fell during the Easter holiday period, it is true they began works but the works are not complete. I don’t know where my children will begin classes on the 4th of September. My colleagues who borrowed me their classrooms last year are taking them back, so I don’t know what to do. ” Mafofou bemoaned.

After the building was shattered, municipal authorities managed to raise the sum of FCFA 1,500,000 to begin construction works that were to be completed by the start of the new school year. As things stand, the 3-classroom building and the headteacher’s office have been erected but no roofs.

Source: Cameroon News Agency