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Bolgatanga SHS: Blakk Rasta preaches patriotism

Blakk Rasta, a Ghanaian reggae artist, has preached patriotism and the need for students of the Bolgatanga Senior High School in the Upper East Region to love Ghana.

He urged them to put Ghana first in whatever they did and focus on their academic activities devoid of substance abuse and deviant behaviour so that they would in the future contribute significantly to Ghana’s development agenda.

He said even though prayer was good, prayer without hard work would yield no result.

‘In class, a lot of you copy, you don’t read. Some of you also believe there is something that can help you pass your examinations,’ the reggae artist said, adding, ‘You can pray one million times a day, if you don’t work hard, you will remain where you are.’

Blakk Rasta, also known as the Kuchoko Legend and host of the ‘Urban Blend’ show on 3FM, who released a 20-track music album, titled the ‘Salaga Soljah’, spoke to the students as part of his nationwide tour dubbed: ‘My Dear Ghana Tour.’

The tour was meant to inculcate in Senior
High School students and members of the public across all 16 Regions the spirit of patriotism.

Blakk Rasta pointed out that without patriotism, Ghana would not progress as a country.

He said: ‘Our country is where it is because a lot of our leaders have let us down. If you are patriotic, you will never be corrupt.

‘So many generations have failed us, but you cannot afford to fail us,’ Blakk Rasta told the students.

He taught them the history of Ghana, and how the name Ghana came about, saying ‘Ghana means the Warrior King. It was a title for the ancient Ghana Kingdom Kings. Ghana in Arabic also means riches, wealth.

‘There was no kingdom on earth that was like that beautiful Ghana Kingdom then,’ he said.

He said Ghanaians had lost faith in themselves and attributed the loss of faith to the reason today’s Ghana was not as the ancient Ghana Kingdom which he said was very powerful.

Blakk Rasta and his team led the students to hoist a Ghana flag on the school’s campus and recite the national anthem and nat
ional pledge as a sign of patriotism.

Source: Ghana News Agency