CCFGA condemns Guzang killings, Says Federalism solution to the crisis

The Coalition of Cameroon Federalist Groups and Activists, CCFGA have condemned the killing of two men in Guzang Village and called on the perpetrators to be brought to book.

“Let us make this very clear all those who participate in summary executions and all their leaders must and will be brought to the full force of justice in the end, …The CCFGA is shocked and outraged by this display of barbarism and recklessness,” they stated.

On October 4, 2023, two civilians were killed by separatist fighters in the Guzang village Batibo subdivision of the North West region. The ADF group headed by Lucas Cho Ayoba stated that they were spies working with government forces and had been detained for over a month before being killed.

In a release dated October 5, 2023,

the CCFGA expressed their sympathy to the bereaved families and called for an Independent truth, justice, and reconciliation commission to accompany the “unavoidable return to federalism,”.

To the CCFGA, federalism is the urgent solution needed to stop the Anglophone crisis.

They revealed that through this act the separatists have closed their doors to international sympathy and diplomatic support and Guzang is one of the villages that has had significant separatist control for a very long time.

They call on the government and Major political parties to treat the return to federalism as the only urgent solution to end the killings.

Source: Cameroon News Agency