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Centre advocates comprehensive scientific research to address African problems

Dr Christopher Ampadu, Executive Director of the Africa Centre for the Study of Worldviews and Wholistic Development of Societies, has advocated comprehensive scientific research to address African problems from root to fruit.

As a result, he has urged development students to conduct proper research that considers belief systems, culture, values, attitudes, and behaviours that resulted in the fruits that had deviled Africa, resulting in poverty, hunger, diseases, and ‘hopelessness in most parts of the continent.’

Dr Ampadu made the call during the inauguration of the Africa Centre for the Study of Worldviews and Wholistic Development of Societies in Accra.

He said: ‘This organisation and so established as it Think Tank to think through the fallacy ironies and contradictions in the transformational development of Africa in terms of her massive natural human resources endowment and yet the endemic poverty, hunger, diseases, deprivations and hopelessness.

‘The Centre will be research-oriented because these i
ronies and contradictions should not just be assumed and accepted as our label or accepted is religious as ‘Amen’ as God’s intentions and purposes for Africa,’ Dr Ampadu said.

According to him, the Center would intentionally conduct holistic training on worldviews and the development of societies.

He added: ‘We cannot just be people who are knowledgeable in almost everything with PhD’s and yet amid plenty, living hopelessness as beggars, thinking selfishly only of what we

can get in everything we do with the hope that we can only make it when we travel to foreign lands.’

Dr Ampadu noted that the Center would also be an advocate for the Kingdom of God in the application and enhancement of Godly values and principles.

He urged the church to speak truth to power and not prophecies that did not inspire people to live rights Italy but rather created fear and panic.

‘With the Christian population of over 70 per cent with churches expanding everywhere, the church should bring ethical principles and godly moral
ity to our political systems, profession and businesses including the marketplaces and into public and private domains of lives,’ he advised.

Source: Ghana News Agency