Coup not significant, still Bongo family- Gabon opposition

On August 30, 2023, Gabon’s military leaders staged a coup and removed President Ali Bongo Ondimba from power.

The coup came hours after Mr. Bongo was declared winner of the August 26, presidential elections with 64%. However, the military leaders said the results were marred by fraud that could lead to social turmoil in Gabon.

However, the loser in this coup is the main opposition leader, Ondo Ossa. He revealed that though the coup succeeded, Gabon is still being ruled by the Bongo family because of the coup leader and now Interim president, General. Oligui is Bongo’s cousin.

“It is not a coup, it is a palace revolution. They said that Bongo has ruled for a long hence there was a need for change.” He told TV5 Monde.

While speaking to TV5 Monde, he revealed that what we call a military takeover is nothing but a Bongo family manipulation. Adding that, the real person behind the coup was the eldest daughter of Omar Bongo, known as Pascaline Bongo, former Minister of Foreign Affairs under Omar. He called on the military leaders to continue vote counting the ballots which will show that he won.

Another opposition leader who lost the polls in 2016, Jean Ping, said the putschists are loyal to

France, hence, there should be no jubilation yet.

Source: Cameroon News Agency