Detentions and criminal investigations around Euro match in Berlin

German police detained 54 people, and launched 64 criminal investigations around Saturday’s Euro 2024 quarter-final, between Turkey and the Netherlands.

Police said on Sunday the probes are on suspicion of simple and grievous bodily harm, trespassing, insulting others, fraud and offences against narcotics laws.

Two officers were injured, and 3,200 overall on duty around the high-risk match in the Olympic Stadium which the Dutch won 2-1.

A fan march of around 8,000 Turkey supporters was stopped by police, after the controversial wolf salute gesture was repeatedly shown.

The wolf salute is attributed, among other things, to a far-right extremist movement. The movement known as ‘√úlkc’ or ‘grey wolves’ are linked to political allies of Erdogan, the ultra-nationalist MHP in Turkey.

A Dutch fan march of 19,000, took place without incidents, but police said fans from both camps, briefly clashed at the Berlin fan fest. The groups were separated whereupon the situation calmed down immediately.

Source: Ghana New
s Agency