Direct Aid Kuwait lends a hand to drought-stricken Somalia

Over 6 million inhabitants in Somalia are facing the worst drought in the Horn of Africa, which constitutes ‘half’ of the population! The cumulative effects of 3 consecutive and extremely low rain seasons, as well as severe water shortages have resulted in dire circumstances for people and major displacement from many towns.

“Faduma Hassan Mohamed has never witnessed a time like this… First, the skies above became cloudless, then the air got hot and dry. Then the fertile soil below her feet that used to provide for her family turned into dark brown dust. We were farmers, had a river and we used to water our crops with its water. Now, we have lost all of that,” the mother-of-six told Al Jazeera Network.

Moreover, the country is facing a risk of famine, as there are acute shortages of water and pasture for animal grazing, while deteriorating health conditions of livestock has reduced production and increased their mortality rates.

To address this emergency, DirectAid (DA) has continued its humanitarian response activities in July 2022, running a humanitarian air bridge. The aid operations for Somalia had begun in February of this year. The recent aid activity provided basic food baskets in addition to drinking water to 200,000 IDPs in 32 areas and districts. More than 11,200 food packages containing rice, flour, sugar, oil, and dates were distributed, in addition to 212 drinking water trucks.

DA also provided water for the ailing livestock, thereby attempting to safeguard the agricultural sector on which most Somalis depend for living. Other water aid projects for Somalia are being prepared by DA and will enhance the initial efforts.

Direct Aid Society is a non-governmental organization that delivers relief and development assistance across 30 African countries and Yemen with the aim of eradicating hunger, disease, and poverty through fostering self-reliance, the organization has held a special consultative status in the U.N. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Direct Aid (DA) has been present in Somalia since 1986. It has so far sponsoring 3429 orphan, education (14,694 student) in 12 schools and a university called SIMAD, construction (840 facility) community development (189 projects), health care (112,289 patients admitted ), in addition to diverse economic assistance for the most vulnerable, giving priority for children and mothers, seniors and widows.

The amount of funds (DA) has spent on its current aid operations to date amounts to 1.6 million $, while another 3 million $ is allocated until the end of the current year.

Source: Direct Aid

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