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Douala: Civil society leaders and rights defenders discuss gender discrimination

Civil society leaders and human rights defenders in Cameroon are stepping up efforts to cut the tail of gender discrimination, deemed too long in the country that has ratified regional and international treaties as well as conventions to uphold equity and respect of the rights of women and the girl child.

Deliberating in a come together at the chambers of the Human Rights Defenders Network in Central Africa, REDHAC, they revealed the situation is chronic because of weak or no laws existing to promote the rights of women in Cameroon.

‘There is no law in Cameroon that defends, defense of human rights not to talk about the women. This poses a big problem that needs to be diagnosed ‘. Prof. Akumbom McAnthony, a civil society member and advocate of human rights stated.

Emphasis was also laid on the need for women to strive individually to know their rights and not allow anyone to trample on them.

‘As a woman you need to be educated to know the difference between women and rights defenders. If you are a woman a
nd you don’t know who you are, your value, and your position in society, you will think you are given the power to be a fighter in the community’. Said the rights advocate

On the other hand, state authorities were urged to stand tall and wrestle with gender discrimination and go as far as encouraging positive discrimination which favors women more than men.

‘We call on the state to come up with laws protecting women and the girl child who is lamenting every day to be favored and empowered’. Prof. McAnthony suggested.

Human rights defender, REDHAC on its part, trains rights advocates to advocate for gender equality, foster social cohesion, and promote peace in Cameroon.

Source: Cameroon News Agency