Edea 1: Family in a state of dilemma since disappearance of son

A family in Edea 1 sub-division, Sanaga Maritime Division of the Littoral region is worried and restless since the disappearance of their seven-year-old son, Bogla Jaques Olivier, on October 14, 2023. Inhabitants of the Saint Palmier neighborhood where the boy and his parents live are now in shock and fear of the unknown.

”That fateful day we have been searching everywhere yet no trace of him. We don’t know where else to go to. I don’t understand if he has been kidnapped or what.” Explained Jaque’s mother.

”He used to go about greeting everyone. We miss him a lot.” A neighbor said.

”I was told one of his uncles came to check on him since it had been long he last saw him. When I called him, he told me he had come home but met nobody. We are confused”. Added the boy’s mother.

The family has appealed to anyone who comes across their son to kindly alert the forces of law and order who have been investigating his whereabouts.

Though kidnappings and demand for ransom are common in the neighborhood in particular and Edea 1 municipality in general, everyone is perplexed as to why since October 14, no one has called them to ask for ransom. However. their wish is that their son returns home sound and safe.

Source: Cameroon News Agency