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Education director urges Ghanaians to uphold democratic values

Mrs Bernice Ofori, the Tema Metropolitan Education Director, has urged Ghanaians to uphold Ghana’s democratic values and take pride in the country’s democracy.

Mrs Ofori said such democratic values were very important, hence, the need for citizens to protect, uphold, and cherish them with unwavering dedication to ensure that the sacrifices of Ghana’s forefathers were not in vain.

She said this when she addressed students at the Tema Metropolitan Independence Parade to commemorate Ghana’s 67th Independence Day celebration at the Tema Sports Stadium.

The celebration was on the theme: ‘Our Democracy, Our Pride, emphasising the role of education in Ghana’s democratic journey.’

She said that with quality education, such democratic values could be preserved, explaining that education is the foundation of a thriving democratic society.

‘Education is not only a means of academic achievement, but also for social and political transformation, playing a pivotal role in Ghana’s journey towards a more inclusive and p
rosperous democracy,’ she said.

Mrs Ofori indicated that education empowers citizens to actively participate in shaping the democratic landscape of the nation.

According to her, through education, citizens become informed, responsible, and engaging, adding that such attributes are essential for the sustenance and progression of Ghana’s democracy.

She emphasised that democracy was not just a system of governance but a commitment to empowering citizens through knowledge.

Touching on activities in the educational sector of the metropolis, the education director listed some achievements chalked by schools in 2023, mentioning that some schools performed very well in academic competitions and cultural events.

Such schools, she said, included Our Lady of Mercy (OLAMS) and the Community-eight-number-two basic school achievements in various national and regional competitions, noting that they showcased excellence in education.

Mrs Ofori indicated, however, that the education sector was faced with some challenges
, such as the lack of parental involvement, truancy among students, and the technology gap.

She stressed the importance of addressing these challenges collectively to strengthen the foundation of Ghana’s democracy and ensure that every Ghanaian has the necessary tools and knowledge to actively participate in the democratic process.

Source: Ghana News Agency