The numbers of child victims of aggression continue to rise. Remarks made by Yves Ishimwe, program manager within the Fenadeb (National Federation of associations involved in the field of childhood in Burundi). It was on the occasion of the celebration of the international day dedicated to child victims of aggression celebrated on June 4 of each year.

1,195 cases of child victims of aggression and violence were recorded during the year 2021. Figures published by the program manager within Fenadeb. According to him, there are many cases of sexual assault which number 325.

However, the Fenadeb program officer indicated that the amicable settlement is one of the obstacles in their fight against violence and aggression against children.

Because according to him, these violence and these attacks are most of the times committed by people known in the entourage. “Parents of raped or assaulted children prefer to make amicable arrangements for fear of denouncing the perpetrators who are often neighbors or relatives or even people enjoying some protection”.

For Fenadeb, it is time for the government to take the lead in the fight against aggression and violence against children. It offers a strong awareness of children’s rights and child protection.

“Many people don’t know what child protection is and that’s deplorable,” laments Yves Ishimwe, program manager at Fenadeb.

According to the National Federation of Associations Engaged in the Field of Childhood in Burundi, 1,162 cases of aggression and violence against children were recorded in the year 2020.

Source: IWACU Burundi

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