France participates in national efforts and supports the fight against malnutrition in Burundi.

French Cooperation, through its project “Promotion of the contribution of small and medium-sized agri-food enterprises to the fight against malnutrition in Burundi (PAGRONUT in acronym) and its UN partners (WFP, UNWomen, UNICEF), work together to an innovative and integrated approach to the fight against malnutrition in Burundi, following the different areas of intervention:

* strengthen the technical and managerial capacities of agri-food companies for the local manufacture of nutritionally rich composite flours

* Demonstrate and publicize: promotion of fortified products and awareness of good nutritional practices

* Make these nutritional flours available to as many people as possible and especially for young children who need it – setting up innovative distribution circuits

* Collaborate with programs to fight malnutrition, with women’s groups to reach a greater number and improve the accessibility of flour

* Condition nutritional flours adapted to the means and needs of mothers and fathers of families

At PAGRONUT level, the final beneficiaries are mainly children under 5 years of age (primarily between 6 and 24 months), young people and women in the localities targeted for information, education, nutritional communication and distribution of food products.

Source: France in Burundi French Embassy in Bujumbura

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