Israeli strikes deep inside Lebanon kill at least three people

The number of dead after an Israeli attack in Lebanon has risen to three and several others were seriously injured, according to Lebanese security sources.

The sources that a member of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia and two Syrian workers were killed in the attack on Friday south of the Lebanese coastal town of Sidon, some 55 kilometres north of the border with Israel.

Hezbollah confirmed the death of the member. The militia does not usually specify when, where and how its fighters are killed.

The Israeli military also confirmed the attack. It was aimed at a Hezbollah air defence position that had endangered Israeli fighter jets, it said.

According to Israeli military reports, northern Israel was earlier attacked with drones.

Several drones entered Israeli airspace early on Friday morning and at least one was intercepted off the coast, broadcaster Kan reported, citing the Israeli army.

The other drones caused no damage or injuries, the army said. Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for the attac

The group said that the drone attack was aimed at the headquarters of an artillery battalion near the Ga’aton kibbutz.

The situation between Hezbollah and the Israeli military has been escalating. Since the beginning of the week, there has been heavy mutual shelling.

Several people were killed on the Lebanese side, including a high-ranking Hezbollah commander. An Israeli soldier was also seriously injured on Wednesday.

He was still in critical condition as of Friday, Kan reported.

Since the beginning of the Gaza war after the Hamas massacre in Israel on October 7, Hezbollah has been firing rockets, artillery and anti-tank grenades into the north of Israel.

Israel is using air and artillery strikes to combat Hezbollah’s positions, which, according to a UN Security Council decision, should not be that close to the border.

However, the Israeli military has also repeatedly attacked targets deep inside Lebanon and far from the border.

There have been casualties on both sides. It is the most serious esca
lation since the second Lebanon war in 2006.

Source: Ghana News Agency