Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park receives 155,000 guests from July to November

Over 155,000 guests have visited the re-developed Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park since it opened in July this year, says management.

The figure includes 63,000 children and about 51,000 Ghanaian adults. Visitors from Junior and Senior High Schools numbered about 17,000 while those from tertiary

institutions stood at about 4,000, Mr Edward Quao, Acting Director of the park, told the Ghana News Agency.

He said the facility was looking forward to receiving more guests during the festive season and beyond as marketing and promotion activities continued on all fronts.

Notable among the events is an upcoming Food Fair to be held, December 1, 2023 (Farmer’s Day) in collaboration with Chatter House to promote Ghanaian delicacies and other cultural products and heritage.

Mr Quao said things were running ‘smoothly’ at the Park as management and partners, including Ghana Tourism Authority, took various steps to keep the facility vibrant and attractive.

‘We still have the support of our Ministry, the Minister and his
Deputy, and all agencies have been supportive in ensuring that the place is well promoted for us to get the numbers,’ he stated.

He encouraged patrons to spend time at the Park and other tourist sites in the country during the Yuletide to help promote domestic tourism.

Visitors to the Park, he explained, also included other nationals from diverse backgrounds.

‘We have seen more families visiting the Park on weekends and on holidays – which is a good phenomenon. Ghanaian families are stepping out more and we encourage them to do more.

‘Anywhere you are in Ghana, as part of the festive occasion, you should also add a tourist site to the itinerary,’ he stated.

Speaking about children forming the chunk of visitors, the Acting Manager observed that many schools were visiting tourist sites, including the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park as field trips were part of the course of study.

Mr Quao said there were good prospects for the facility and that projections made for tourism in the years ahead were feasible.

e Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, with its in-built modern facilities, is now one of the destinations of choice for guests from far and near. The Park has been buzzing with activities in the past months since it was commissioned.

Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, had reportedly disclosed that the facility rakes in GHS1.1 million revenue monthly – an increase from GHS 3,000 which was being generated prior to the renovation.

The Minister projected 1.2 million international arrivals for the tourism sector, with about 115,000 visitors from the United States alone between December 1 to 15th, this year.