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LGBTQ+ law will protect our values, leaders must accept it without hesitation – Methodist Bishop

Rt Rev Joseph M.Y. Edusa-Eyison, Bishop of the Northern Accra Diocese of the Methodist Church, says the anti-LGBTQ+ law passed by Parliament will protect Ghanaian values and ensure an upright family system.

He said the object of the ‘Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values’ Act promoted human survival and societal functioning and called on the President to give his assent without any hesitation.

Rt Rev Edusa-Eyison said this during a thanksgiving service to climax the 30 years anniversary celebration of the Resurrection Methodist Church, Adentan in the Northern Accra Diocese where other high-level Bishops of the Methodist Church were in


He said the LGBTQ+ had been an abnormal sexual orientation, a practice which is despicable to God and Christianity and at the same time an affront to Ghanaian values and customs.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), the Bishop said: ‘God did not say men should marry men and women should marry women but per what’s happening,
we are threading on a dangerous path if we don’t guard against the practices of LGBTQ+.’

He said they were not against lesbians and gays but the practices that could destroy the moral fabric of society, adding that ‘we are not saying those engaged in such acts should be hated and crucified but the practices are what we must discourage as a


‘We are all sinners and so the church must help them change such an abnormal sexual orientation. As a church we need to engage such people on the teachings of God, pray with them and for them,’ Rt Rev Edusa-Eyison said.

He said there had not been any place in the world where we heard that same sex marriage or relationship had resulted in child birth.

The Bishop also called on Ghanaians to keep the peace in the country, adding that every electorate has the right to vote and change or maintain the government, however, that must be done devoid of violence and insults amongst others.

‘Let nobody come to deceive us with money to perpetuate evil. We should all be r
esponsible, go and vote in peace. This is the only Ghana we know and have and we ought to protect and guard it jealously,’

Very Rev Isaac Kwasi Acquah, Superintendent Minister, Resurrection Methodist Church, said the church had an obligation to train and shape the congregants and society to grow and become agents of change, a goal the Resurrection Methodist Church aims at achieving.

Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY), a congregant and a former independent Presidential Candidate who joined the Resurrection Methodist Church in 2002, said Christians must live by the teachings of God to build Ghana.

He said we must behave as true leaders since Leadership was not about mere age but what a person is made of, his commitment to change things for the better, when and how to take initiatives and make significant impacts.

Source: Ghana News Agency