Nkwanta North District Assembly engages stakeholders on fee-fixing resolution for 2024

The Nkwanta North District Assembly in the Oti Region has organized its 2024 fee fixing resolution meeting to engage all stakeholders on the taxes and levies to be paid in the 2024 fiscal year.
The meeting was held in accordance with the Local Government Act of 2016, (Act 936) and the 1992 Constitution of Ghana that mandates District Assemblies to collect taxes for development.
Mr Sevlo Adjei, the District Coordinating Director, stated that it was prudent to ensure that levies/taxes due the Assembly are collected in order to maintain the Assembly’s stability in the area of development.
He urged stakeholders to support the Assembly by contributing their quota when it comes to paying taxes.
Mr Geoffrey Ahodor, District Budget Analyst for Nkwanta North, highlighted various rates that ought to be paid by the various organizations in the district for developmental projects.
He disclosed that the 2022/2023 fiscal year of the Assembly maintained its tax rates and sought to increase the taxes for the ensuing year.
He encouraged the stakeholders to make their own input to compile the fee fixing and abide by it accordingly.
Mr Adjei, the District Coordinating Director, seized the opportunity to educate stakeholders on environmental issues, proper acquisition and registration of lands and the developmental agenda of the Assembly.
In attendance were Heads of Department, artisans, community-based organizations, opinion leaders, traders’ association, GNAPS, Heardresers etc.
Some of the traders lament bitterly about the deplorable state of the district market which they appeal to the Assembly to develop the market for them in due time.

Source: Ghana News Agency