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Public urged to acquire basic first-aid techniques

The National Ambulance Service at Keta in the Volta region has urged the public to acquire some basic first aid avoid preventable deaths and injuries during domestic emergency health situations.

These techniques would also enable the public to identify the various forms of injuries and emergency cases and the best methods to be used, to mitigate any unf

Mr Emmanuel Kordzo Tordzro, the Senior Emergency Medical Technician (SEMT), NAS, interacting with the Ghana News Agency during the Service’s first aid workshop for schools in the Keta Municipality, said the objective was to create awareness about basic means of supporting victims during emergency health situations.

He said the Service’s aim was to educate students in the various schools within the Municipality on some basic ways of providing pre-hospital emergency medical care to the sick and injured before getting them to the hospital or calling the Ambulance service.

Mr Tordzro said the workshop would also teach the students, teachers and
the public to acknowledge the Ambulance Service ‘Since we provide immediate and timely pre-hospital emergency care to the patients and transport them safely to the health facilities.’

He urged all to acquire the first-aid techniques to help sustain the life of patients before calling the ambulance service for attention.

Mt Tordzro commended the Keta branch of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) for championing the workshop to educate the schools on emergencies.

He charged other schools, institutions, churches, individuals, corporate organisations and the public to rely on the services of the Ambulance Service for education and in all emergencies for free.

Madam Linna Elinam Bensah, the Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) at Keta, said a total of seven schools that were part of NCCE’s ‘Civic Educate Club’ within the Municipality took part in the workshop for the first quarter.

They included Ketasco basic A and B, Bishop Herman A and B basic, Dzelukope E.P and R.C
basic, Ola Girls School, and Keta R.C basic.

She urged the public to support the Commission in various forms to help extend the workshop to other areas like the Ghana Fire Service and Ghana Police, among others.

Source: Ghana News Agency