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Pupils, teachers mark Ghana’s 67th Independence Day at Tapa-Abotoase

About 768 pupils, teachers and other recognised groups, have commemorated Ghana’s 67th Independence Day with a march past at the Cluster of Schools, Tapa-Abotoase in the Biakoye District of the Oti Region.

Madam Millicent Kabuki Carboo, Biakoye District Chief Executive (DCE) and the Reviewing Officer, in her address, said Ghana’s Independence was a momentous occasion for all to reflect on the profound impact it had on the nation’s democracy.

She said independence held significant historical and symbolic importance, marking the culmination of years of struggle and sacrifice in the pursuit of freedom and self-governance.

‘Ghana’s journey to independence was and has been a beacon of hope for Africa and a symbol of what is possible when people unite for a common cause.’

Madam Carboo said the country witnessed multiple successful transitions of power from one government to another, demonstrating commitment to democratic governance and the will of the citizenry.

‘This peaceful transition of power is a testamen
t to the maturity of our democracy and the resilience of our institutions.’

She said the benefits of independence to Ghana’s democracy were manifolds and profound since they granted the invaluable opportunity to chart the country’s course as a sovereign nation, 67 years ago, free from the shackles of colonial rule.

Madam Carboo said the independence had also empowered the country to shape its destiny, determine political institutions and establish a system of governance that reflected the aspirations and values of the people.

Madam Carboo said it was on the shoulders of the principles and pillars of democracy that the Oti Region and Biakoye District was carved to decentralise governance and bring development to the people.

‘Democracy has played a significant role in rural development by empowering rural communities such as ours.

‘By promoting participatory decision-making and fostering accountability and transparency in governance.’

She said the Tapa-Abotoase town had marvelous naturally occurring lands
capes and historic monuments and urged all to enjoy the beauty and breathtaking scenery that abounds in it.

Madam Carboo also urged the people of the district to champion the agenda of ‘Wear Ghana’ to promote local textiles, ‘Eat Ghana’ to promote growers and farmers, and ‘Buy Ghana’ to promote and strengthen local businesses.

She also tasked them to reflect on the past and look forward to building an even stronger democracy for future generations.

Awards were given to schools who performed well.

The 67th Independence Day celebration was on the theme: ‘Our Democracy, Our Pride’.

Source: Ghana News Agency