Same-sex marriage in Africa is witchcraft – Mgr Andre Nkea

The Archbishop of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province who doubles as the President of the National Episcopal Conference, Mgr Andre Nkea Fuanya, told an Italian newspaper, The Register, that Africans understand marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and anything short of that is “witchcraft”

He insisted that talking either with polygamists or with the LGBTQ community must be about conversion, “Conversion to the values of the Gospel. Whether we’re talking to ‘LGBT’ people or we’re talking to polygamists or we’re talking about ourselves, there must always be the call to conversion, conversion to the Gospel. What are the Gospel values? Entering into dialogue with all of these people is always in view of conversion. If we take that out, then we stop being evangelical. We are no longer backed by the Gospel.”

Mgr Andrew Nkea said these conversions are also coming up because of the Catholic Church is under the Papalcy of Francis and every Pope has his own way of approaching things, “…You must realize that the Church today is under the particular papacy of Francis. Francis is not John Paul II. These are the adaptations that must be in our minds. John Paul said “Enough,” Francis says “Talk,” but the important thing is that we are teaching what the Church says and we’re moving on. The Church remains. For me, this is a consolation.”

According to him, those making noise about LGBTQ and votes from the Laity are a tiny minority whose voices can never supersede Christians who know their values and want to go to heaven.

“I’m not really worried because those who argue this way are a tiny minority, but they speak very loudly. When you get down to the nitty-gritty of the issue and you start talking with people, they are not interested. They just want to go to heaven. From the time of the apostle, you’ve always had heretics trying to infiltrate, so it’s normal. We have a saying in French: Les chiens aboient, la caravane passe — “The dogs are barking; the caravan is moving on.” Nobody is bothered about those things. Christians understand their doctrine, the teaching of the Church, and they’re going on.”

Source: Cameroon News Agency