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Separatists impose ‘no farming Mondays’ in Meme, Ndian

An armed group fighting for the independence of the Anglophone regions, known as the Ribbons of Ambazonia, a separatist faction based in Meme and Ndian Divisions of the South West Region, has said they have banned Monday(s) farming activities across the two divisions.

The group said that self-style general Millepede and Johnny Mad Dog recently placed the ban as a sign of respect for Monday’s ghost town, which was instituted on January 9, 2017, by the outlawed Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium.

Locals have been quick to criticize the ban, insinuating, that most separatist fighters are armed bandits.

Others were quick to point out that, separatist have placed the ban, to enable them to carry out their criminal activities.

To them, separatists intend to steal cocoa from locals, as prizes for the cash crop keeps skyrocketing. They also questioned why the ban is only coming when cocoa prices have gone up.

Some farmers in Nake Bongwana were sent back home last Monday when they tried going to their f

A kilogram of Cocoa now sells for a minimum of 4,000 FCFA in the South West Region.

Source: Cameroon News Agency