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Sunyani NEDCo recovers over GHC 16 million in revenue mobilization

The Sunyani Area of the Northern Electricity Development Company (NEDCo), encompassing the Bono and Ahafo regions, recovered a total of GhC 16,457,210.63 million in a three-week special revenue mobilization exercise.

The Sunyani Area initially set a target of collecting GhC 45 million debt from consumers but were able to recoup the amount from customers who were in arrears to NEDCo.

Mr Eugene Odoi Addo, the Sunyani Area Manager, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Sunyani that the key success of the exercise was the ability to negotiate payment agreements with major customers who had outstanding debts to NEDCo.

Notable agreements were reached with debtors such as Ayum Timber Company in Mim and Golden Mining in Hwediem, additionally, ongoing discussions were also being held with the Sunyani Technical University to finalize payment terms.

Mr. Addo emphasized NEDCo’s commitment to avoid customer disconnections, saying such activities resulted in additional costs such as loss of working hours, fuel
expenses and delays in providing essential services like new connections.

He urged individuals to proactively settle their utility bills for the services they have utilized and urged consumers to comply with the legal requirement of paying bills within 14 days of receipt.

Mr Addo stated that NEDCo would continue to educate customers on the significance of making payments of their bills on time and engage in constructive dialogues with debtors to help maintain a low debt profile.

Source: Ghana News Agency