The Lord’s Star International School’ holds Psychology of Teaching Mathematics workshop

A one-day workshop for teachers at the Lord’s Star International School in Ashaimam on the Psychology of Teaching Mathematics was held with a call to bring innovations on board.

The objectives of the training, among other things, were to afford the teacher to redirect mathematics teaching strategies, and formulate effective instructional guides for learning mathematics.

Reverend Dr Kofi Ashiboe-Mensah, the Head of Quality Assurance at the Ho Technical University, who facilitated the event, exposed participants to issues on teaching mathematics, to enable them to acquire the tools to build their mathematics teaching philosophy and style.

‘Another objective is to create mathematics learning experiences for learners and evaluate outcomes to determine its core components. With this, your students will love and enjoy mathematics forever.’

Dr Ashiboe-Mensah also engaged participants on the significance of mathematics teaching as well as factors affecting the teaching of the subject.

The factors, he said, included, Self-efficacy, Math anxiety, Motivation, Parental influences, Effective teacher support, and Classroom instruction and explained that without mathematics, there would be no calendar, no time, no construction, no transportation, and others.

‘All these strategies in mathematics teaching are to propel the national development agenda when STEM programmes are pursued at tertiary institutions.’

Dr Ashiboe-Mensah added that the outcome of every lesson especially in mathematics must include the attempt by the teacher to instill in the learners, the ability to think critically and solve problems.

‘The rest are, to communicate and collaborate, create and innovate, ensure cultural identity, and develop personally with the use of mathematics concepts’.

Participants were also taken through essential topics such as Teachers’ Mathematical Standards, the Role of the Mathematics teacher, Principles of Mathematics Teaching, and the teachers’ attitudes.

Some participants, after the training, intimated that mathematics would be taught practically henceforth with the needed creativity to ensure the production of professionals.

Elder Eric Duvor, the headteacher of the school, expressed appreciation to Dr Ashiboe-Mensah for the deep knowledge impartation.

Source: Ghana News Agency