Tourisque Voyage: Many stranded in Y’de as gov’t maintains suspension

The suspension was expected to last for two weeks following a road accident in Mbe that killed 11. On Thursday at midnight, passengers were hoping that the sanctions by the Minister of Transport would be lifted. But nothing has been done, they have been waiting, looking at their watches as more schoolgoers trooped in.

We are waiting for the lifting of the suspension that was supposed to be some hours ago…thousands of people are stranded because they are supposed to go back to school, to resume work,” a stranded passenger expressed his frustration.

The Interregional travel agency is one of the most popular that travels to the northern part of Cameroon. Such a suspension has definitely taken a great toll on passengers “Touristique is the number one agency that takes about 60-70 % of passengers going up to the northern part of Cameroon. Not even the train station, not even Danai agency can contain the passengers at this time…people take now three days to get a ticket to travel by train,” the passenger noted.

Source: Cameroon News Agency