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Ukraine Response 2022 – Hungary: Displacement Surveys Refugees from Ukraine and TCNs (01 – 31 October 2022)

Women constituted 58% of respondents

The largest age group was between 18-29 years old (38%)

The 31% TCNs mostly originated from Nigeria (25%), Azerbaijan (18%), Turkmenistan (11%) and India (10%)

The most common areas of origin were: City of Kyiv (22%); Kharkivska (18%); Zakarpatska (11%)

60% of respondents travelled in group and 77% were separated from at least some immediate family members

432 respondents had identification documents. The majority (90%) held passports

52% of respondents had an occupation in Ukraine, while 21% had a job in Hungary

433 interviewees obtained secondary or higher education

Accommodation was the main reported need (40%)

How to find a job opportunity was the main information need (38%) and social media was the preferred communication means (76%)

The top final intended destinations were Hungary (34%), Germany (19%) and Austria (13%)


Since 24 February 2022, refugees from Ukraine and Third Country Nationals (TCNs) have been fleeing to neighbouring countries as a result of the war. 31,290 refugees from Ukraine and TCNs were registered in Hungary as of 8 November 2022, according to UNHCR

Source: International Organization for Migration