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‘We must empower women and girls through STEM’ – STEMinist Foundation

Ms Stephanie Asabea Opoku, Administrative Officer for the STEMinist Foundation in Ghana, has reiterated the need to empower women and girls through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Ms Opoku explained that Ghana must embrace a strategic two-way strategy while instilling the idea in women professionals. We must also encourage the girls to take up courses in STEM for them to be leaders in addressing the climate crisis as innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators of initiatives and businesses with significant environmental and social effects.

Ms Opoku said this at the Ghana News Agency’s stakeholder engagement is a progressive media platform for state and non-state actors to contribute to national development.

She stressed the urgent need to step up efforts to create pathways for women and girls to enter the field.

According to her, removing barriers to entry, retention, and promotion in academia, government service, and the commercial sector, as well as boosting access to educational opportunities starting at a young age, are necessary to achieve equity for women and girls in STEM disciplines.

The Administrator of the STEMinist Foundation emphasised that for women in STEM, fusing knowledge with enthusiasm was crucial for both personal and professional development.

She stated that ‘we need to usher more women into STEM leadership positions’ to encourage more women to seek STEM jobs. If they are given a female professor, women are more inclined to major in STEM.

Women are more likely to apply for leadership positions and speak up for themselves if they see more female leaders, according to research.

Ms Opoku pointed out that unconscious bias persisted and that some executives still think men with the same qualifications are more likely to succeed than women.

She said, ‘Especially in STEM professions, we all have the obligation to eradicate unconscious prejudices in hiring and personnel selections.

By encouraging women to pursue STEM-related occupations, the Foundation hopes to aid in a just transition to a regenerative economy.

Source: Ghana News Agency