Zondoma/Sport and culture at primary school: Bassi ‘A’ wins the 2024 provincial title

The Provincial Directorate of Primary and Non-Formal Preschool Education (DPEPPNF) of Zondoma organized the provincial final of the Organization of Sport and Culture at Primary School (OSCEP) on Saturday June 29, 2024 in Gourcy. A final which was won by Bassi ‘A’ (CEB Bassi) against Rikiba (CEB Tougo)

After the final phases played in the six Basic Education Circumscriptions (CEB) in the province of Zondoma, namely Bassi, Boussou, Gourcy 1 and 2, Lèba and Tougo, the provincial management took over by organizing the inter tournament. CEB.

The tournament delivered its verdict on Saturday June 29, 2024 on the grounds of the Gourcy ‘A’ school through the final which pitted the winner of the Bassi CEB: the Bassi ‘A’ school against the CEB champion. of Tougo which is Rikiba’s school.

After the kick-off, Bassi ‘A’ was quick to show his intentions by opening the score in the 3rd minute of play through Abdoul Aziz Ouédraogo.

But in the 51st minute, another Abdoul Aziz Ouédraogo came to restore the score by signing
the equalizer for Rikiba’s team.

This score will remain unchanged until the final whistle.

It took the penalty shootout events to see Bassi ‘A’ win by scoring 6 shots against 5 for Rikiba.

The CEB of Bassi thus wins the 2024 OSCEP provincial title with a trophy, an envelope of 50 thousand CFA francs, two sets of jerseys, two balls and school supplies.

For the Provincial Director in charge of primary education Karim Sawadogo, if the provincial OSCEP was able to be held, it is thanks to the commitment and determination of all the education actors and partners to whom it expressed all his gratitude.

As for the high commissioner of the province of Zondoma Aboubacar Sidiki Nabé who chaired the final, it was a successful bet which symbolizes for him the resilience of the entire educational community in the face of all the difficulties encountered during the overall successful school year. of success.

“I congratulate the provincial director and all of his staff who believed in this project and who carried it o
ut from start to finish” declared the first official of the province to express his satisfaction.

The final of the provincial OSCEP was attended by the Regional Director in charge of education Jean Marie Ouédraogo and many other administrative and political authorities, and guests who came to support this activity which is resuming service after 8 years of lethargy.

Source: Burkina Information Agency