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ECG misinforming the public about power outages – Yapei Kusawgu MP

Mr John Abdulai Jinapor, the Ranking Member of the Energy Committee of Parliament, says the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is allegedly misinforming the public about the swell in the ongoing power outages also known as ‘dumsor’ in the country.

He said: ‘The widespread load shedding is a result of financial issues, not technical glitches as claimed by the ECG.’

‘…The ECG is misinforming us of the real issues of the recent power outages. Instead, they are attributing these outages to overloaded and faulty transformers, which is not the case,’ he said.

Mr Jinapor said on Tuesday when he addressed a section of the media in Parliament House, Accra.

‘We have been monitoring the situation and just yesterday, we laid hands on the PURC’s cash waterfall mechanism Validation Report for January 2024.

‘I can confidently but sadly confirm to you that the current load shedding is not technical, it is financial. It is due to mismanagement,’ he told the media.

Mr Jinapor, also a National Democratic Congress Member o
f Parliament for Yapei Kusawgu noted that there was an alleged gross abuse of the cash waterfall mechanism and mismanagement of funds, challenging the narrative by the company.

‘It is gross abuse of the cash waterfall mechanism and mismanagement of the funds,’ he alleged.

Source: Ghana News Agency