Entrance examination preparations: Canidates decry tedious registration process

As thousands of students make last minute preparations for the official entrance examinations into the higher education sectors, many have expressed frustration with the compilation and registration process of these exams.

Some describe the process as very tedious, complex, time and money consuming.

“The process was not easy for me, I almost gave up. You are asked to certify many documents and all those documents can not be done in just one office. I had to move from the DO’s office to that of the mayor, then go for non-conviction and other places. Just to note that all these places can not be visited on one day because firstly, there are always so many people, you have to be on the line for a very long time, secondly, at times when you succeed to hand the documents, they either ask you to come in the afternoon or the next day,” one of the candidates told CNA.

“The most frustrating part of the registration process is when you have gone through all the stress of certifying documents and are about to deposit. When you go there, there are so many people, you have to wait almost the whole day because your documents need to be crosschecked. Imagine one of your documents are not okay, you have to go back before coming back to stand on a line again,” the applicant further explained.

Another candidate said this tedious process has led to fake agents; “There are also people who stand as agents to facilitate in student’s processes but end up going away with their money. My younger sister was registering for one of the official exams, since we did not have time to follow-up all these tedious processes, we gave an agent all her documents and money, but did not see him again,”

Some other students told CNA that, they felt discouraged during the registration process and gave up. This they say is because at times the space for students to get into the schools are very limited but they saw thousands of students registering for same exams.

Source: Cameroon News Agency