Mozambique: Cabo Delgado Humanitarian Response – Health Cluster Bulletin No. 7 (July 2022)

Security Update

In June incessant attacks in Ancuabe and Chiure districts triggered significant movement of population with a total of 83,983 people being displaced majority of them being women and children (67,524). Thus with this influx of IDPs across Cabo Delgado province, the Government and site service providers have planned to upgrade five sites (in Metuge (Unidade 2 and Centro de Nacuta) and three in Chiure (Nacivare, Ocua, and Megaruma) as transit centers. In Pemba where the arrival of 12,364 displaced people (including 6,128 children) adds up to the to the existing caseload authorities have requested the support of the humanitarian community to relocate 2,000 newly displaced people from Pemba to two areas identified for the establishment of new resettlement sites – i.e. N’naua (Metoro administrative post) and Nanona (Mesa administrative post)

The month of July witnessed a wave of attacks in Macomia and in Nangade with an attack on the district’s headquarters. Despite these problems, positive developments have been observed in the town of Mocímboa da Praia, which has recently seen a gradual return of displaced people, especially from Palma district. The town in dire need of water supply system with the government outlining plans to rehabilitate basic infrastructure beginning in September 2022. Equally, there was good news from districts with reports of the resumption of artisanal fishing activity, which had been suspended after the town was captured by insurgent’s two years ago. At the close of the month similar attacks were recorded in Meluco where an estimated 2,009 individuals (585 households) were displaced to Meluco sede

Source: World Health Organization

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