Prophet asks man to give him his travel allowance for miracle

On Tuesday, October 3, 2023, The Shiloh Church of Nations, posted a video where the founder, Prophet Samuel M, is seen interrogating a man who said he wanted to travel to South Africa to meet a Prophet.

The man said he wanted to travel to South Africa to visit a Man of God for prayers.

Prophet Samuel M, got angry, asking the man if there were no Men of God in Cameroon.

“You are a Cameroonian? You are a Cameroonian? Are you sure? Cameroon has how many regions? and in those 10 regions, there is no man of God can use for you…it is not as if I am not seeing it, I know what I see.”

He went further to request that the flight ticket and expenses totaling about 1.1 million FCFA be given to him so that he could bless the man.

“So let’s say we are talking about 1.1 or 1.2 million, give me the money let me solve the problem…it is now left to you…three months, there are people in your family that will travel, this year there are people that will write exams, they will pass…I am trying to tell him things, give me the money, three months it will happen…should I pray for the money to be successful or you will go and think”

But the family of the man later wrote to CNA complaining that the video posted on the social media page had caused them damages and that when they called the Church to delete it, they refused.

Since the man did not pay the money to the Church, he thinks that they got angry and refused to delete, “My brother called the next day and the secretary of that ministry picked up and asked my brother if he had abided with the condition of giving money to the Man of God. My brother said he couldn’t give money without talking with the Pastor. They now wanted us to come we didn’t come,” a family member told CNA.

“The pastor said they can’t stop the ads because they didn’t invite us to their church and they have the right to expose any information about anyone who visits their church because they pay taxes,”

The event happened on September 11, 2023, but the post on the social media account dated October 3, 2023, the family wondered why they had to publish such a post with the title, “Give me the Money?? let me solve the Problem?? you will not Believe what Prophet Samuel Said to Him??“

CNA reached out to the Prophert for comments, yet to receive a response.

Source: Cameroon News Agency