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The population of Cankuzo pleads for the rehabilitation of the Cankuzo-Mishiha road

In the community development works carried out every Saturday, the population of Cankuzo province carried out Saturday, June 04, 2022, the development works of the Cankuzo-Mishiha road. These works were directed by the Governor of the province Boniface Banyiyezako and saw the participation of natives working in other provinces of the country.

The community development works consisted of plugging potholes on the Cankuzo-Mishiha National Road No. 13.

In his word of circumstance, the governor of the province Cankuzo made it known that the bad state of this road is one of the challenges with the development of the province cankuzo. According to the governor, the funds which will have to be used for other development projects are being mobilized for the development works of this road.

The Governor of Cankuzo took the opportunity to call on the people of Cankuzo to protect the environment by avoiding bush fires and drawing contour lines.

On this occasion, the native members of the association of nationals of Cankuzo province residing in Gitega province (ARCARG) gave as a contribution an envelope equivalent to 30 bags of cement for the extension of the offices of Cankuzo province.

Source: Radio Television Burundi