The President of the Senate calls on the leaders of SOSUMO to innovation and creativity

On Wednesday May 25, 2022, the President of the Burundian Senate Emmanuel Sinzohagera visited the Société Sucrière de Moso (SOSUMO) in Bukemba commune of Rutana province.

Emmanuel Sinzohagera first met the leaders of SOSUMO before taking a guided tour inside this company.

As indicated by the Director General of SOSUMO, the factory was established in Burundi in 1988. He announced that this company is now experiencing operational challenges due to worn equipment. He specified that it is now difficult for SOSUMO to satisfy the population’s demand for sugar. The Director General of SOSUMO announced a project to extend, modernize and renew sugar cane varieties, with a view to increasing sugar production. And to ask the President of the Senate to support SOSUMO in this project.

The President of the Senate Emmanuel Sinzohagera for his part let it be known that his move to SOSUMO was motivated by the complaints of the population in relation to the shortage of sugar which is observed in the country. It was a question for the President of the Senate as representative of the people, to inquire about the situation and the state of operation of this public company of production and marketing of sugar.

The President of the Senate Emmanuel Sinzohagera congratulated the leaders of SOSUMO for the renewal project of this company. He asked them to strengthen the research and development department, promote innovation and creativity in order to meet the needs of the population in sugar.

Source: Radio Television Burundi

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