Food exports to USA stand out in economic week

The announcement of the first export of 23 tonnes of food products from Angola to the United States of America (USA) was one of the news events that marked the week in the economic field, which ends today, Saturday.

The initiative by Angolan food processing company Food Care is part of the American Growth and Opportunity for Africa Act (AGOA).

Among the food stuffs exported from Angola are cassava flour and corn, cassava leaves, mushrooms, peanuts and peanut butter.

According to the counsellor of the US Embassy in Angola and São Tomé and Príncipe, Mea Arnold, the action is the result of a partnership between the company “Food Care” and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

AGOA gives eligible sub-Saharan African countries duty-free access to the US market for more than 1,800 agricultural products.

This week’s highlight was also the presentation of the balance of the first phase of the Programme for the Reconversion of the Informal Economy (PREI), which has been underway in the country since 2018, having removed more than 250,000 workers from informality.

The figures were released by the Minister of Public Administration, Labour and Social Security, Teresa Dias, during the opening of the first International Forum for the Conversion of the Informal Economy.

Also, within the scope of PREI, the focus was on the 5,000 operators who received micro-loans totalling around 8 billion kwanzas, according to the president of the National Institute for Support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (INAPEM), João Nkosi.

In the field of transport, the focus was on the participation of 15 companies specialized in the management of airport infrastructures in the presentation session of the potentialities and terms of reference for the tender for the concession of the management of the new Dr. António Agostinho Neto International Airport (AIAAN).

The event was joined by companies from Europe, the United States, China and Latin America that, in addition to knowing the strategic plan to turn the new airport into a hub, learned that the concession has a period of 25 years, extendable for another 15 years.

The meeting also served to let interested parties know the eligibility criteria, based on financial capacity, set above 150 million dollars.

In this sector, the meeting between the Minister of Transport, Ricardo D’Abreu, and international financial institutions that probe projects in the field of transport also made headlines.

During the meeting, representatives of Deutsche Bank, a German bank and the DFC-American financial institution, assured the availability of funds to jointly contribute to the construction of structuring projects in Angola, especially transport.

In the railway sector, the Luanda Railway (CFL) announced the transportation of 782,700 passengers in 2022, compared to the 209,440 of the average recorded until 2017.

The number of passengers transported last year is the result of the 16 daily frequencies, operated by trains on the normal route from Monday to Friday, at a fare ranging between 200 and 2,500 kwanzas.

Another fact that deserved to be highlighted was the registration of 100 investment projects, valued at more than one billion dollars.

These are projects in the tourism, industry, energy and water and health sectors, among others, which will contribute to the growth of the national economy and generate more than 5,000 jobs, according to the president of the Agency for Private Investment and Promotion of Exports in Angola (AIPEX), Lello Francisco.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

Elite 1 to start on September 27

Group A

A2-AS Fortuna

A7- Canon Sportive

A1- Dynamo de Douala

A3-Les Astres de Douala

A10-Union Sportive

A9-Gazelle FA

A5-PWD Bamenda

A4-Aigles Royal de la Menoua

A6- Bamboutos

A8-Colombe Sportive

Group B

B6- APejes de Mfou

B2- Fauve Azur

B4- Stade Renard

B7-Avion Academy

B8-UMS de Loum

B3-Coton Sport

B9-Yong Sport

B5-Fovu De Baham

B1-Victoria United

The Championship has been scheduled to begin on Wednesday, September 27 2023 according to the following fixtures.

Group A

Dynamo vs AS Fortuna

Astres vs Aigle

PWD Vs Bamboutos

Canon vs Colombe

Gazelle vs Union

Group B

Victoria United Vs Fauve Azur

Coton vs Stade Renard

Fovu vs Apejes

Avion vs UMS

The top 4 in each group will qualify for the playoffs while others will play a relegation tournament to determine the 5 teams that will descend to the Elite 2.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

National Communication Council suspends Canal plus Elles

The National Communication Council has suspended the CANAL PLUS ELLES for allegedly conveying obscene practices with homosexual tendencies through its programs.

This was made known through a communiqué signed by the president of the National Communication Council, Joseph Chebongkeng.

“The National Communication Council informs public opinion that for some time, we have noted the recurrence of the broadcast in certain channels of the CANAL PLUS INTERNATIONAL Channels received in Cameroon, of programs conveying obscene practices with homosexual tendencies and thus undermining the laws and values of the Republic,” the communique read.

The Channel is said to have received a warning included in its press release of June 12, 2023, with which the council began consultations with those responsible for the CANAL PLUS INTERNATIONAL group with a view to finding appropriate solutions.

According to the council, the CANAL PLUS INTERNATIONAL Group has been very indifferent despite all their warnings.

The communique said that; “Taking into account all the warnings with the aim of putting an end to the programs denounced, which promote practices contrary to our laws, as well as our morals and customs, the National Communication Council has, by separate correspondence today, asked the cable television operator CANAL PLUS INTERNATIONAL to suspend without delay and until further notice of its bouquets received in Cameroon the broadcast of the channel called CANAL PLUS ELLES,”.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

Tanzanian national and 5 Seychellois remanded in custody in case linked to witchcraft

The Seychelles Magistrates’ Court on Friday remanded in custody a Tanzanian national and five Seychellois for the offences of carrying out advice in matters of witchcraft, trespassing on burial places, insult to religion of any class, as well as writing or uttering words with intent to wound religious feelings.

The Tanzanian suspect was apprehended by the authorities at the Seychelles International Airport on Thursday, September 21, in possession of a number of items that have been linked to witchcraft.

Among the items were black wooden artifacts, stones, small bottles of brownish liquid, an assortment of powders and a number of documents with strange language and symbols that were described as demonic and satanic.

It was through police interrogation of the Tanzanian national that the names of the five Seychellois suspects were mentioned and subsequently apprehended.

According to information mentioned in the Magistrates’ Court, the five Seychellois were previously acquainted with the Tanzanian national, who had visited the country before.

In his statement to the police, the Tanzanian alleged that the five Seychellois suspects all made different requests in the past for prayers of protection in exchange for monetary compensation.

In addition, the court was also informed of certain messages that were exchanged between the six suspects on WhatsApp that corroborate the Tanzanians’ statement.

The prosecution stated in court that the symbols on the documents found in the Tanzanians’ possession were similar to symbols found in places that were vandalised in Seychelles among which were religious sites.

The six suspects are remanded in police custody until Monday, September 25 when the court will give its ruling on whether the suspects will remain in custody while the investigation continues.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

Seychelles’ men’s football national team gets new coach for World Cup qualifiers

A former Seychelles men’s national team head coach, Ralph Jean-Louis, is temporarily in charge of the selection for the island nation’s next two matches in the FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign.

The chief executive of the Seychelles Football Federation (SFF), Dennis Rose, made the statement on Thursday.

“The previous national team’s management’s contract expired after the Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG), and we find that we still need to prepare for the upcoming matches,” said Rose.

He said that SFF has “decided to make things easier, by appointing a caretaker management team to lead the team in the next two games, while we then make the necessary procedures to appoint a full-time coach.”

Jean-Louis, who helped Seychelles win its first ever gold medal at the Indian Ocean Island Games in 2011, will lead the team in two matches in November, against Cote d’Ivoire and Kenya.

“We have a tough challenge before us, with these two fixtures, but I come in with a lot of experience and we will be looking to bring new methods of training to build the team,” said Jean-Louis.

The former St Michel football club midfielder player told reporters that he will be looking to bring in some fresh legs to the team. However, he will have to look at players in the upcoming league games in order to finalise the best selection.

When asked about whether he would be open to applying for the position of full-time coach, Jean-Louis said he would have loved for his engagement with the team to be more long term but taking over the team on a full-time basis is “a bridge I will look to cross when I come to it,” he said.

As a player, Jean-Louis played 11 years for the Seychelles national team as a midfielder, and at the club level, he played for Bel Air, Anse Aux Pins and St Michel football clubs. He won two bronze medals as a player at the IOIG as well as a gold as a manager.

This will be Jean-Louis’ third stint as Seychelles’ head coach, having led the team in 2011 on a one-year contract and then from 2015 to 2016.

Jean-Louis will be assisted by a young coach for the two games, Cote d’Or’s Basil Hoareau, who recently completed his Confederation of African Football License A qualification.

Rose said he will be able to bring some fresh ideas to the management, as a younger coach, while Jean-Louis will provide the experience.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

CEO of Adamus Resources fetes over 500 children

Ms Angela List, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Adamus Resources Limited has feted some 500 children in the Ellembelle district to mark her birthday.

Ms. List also gave children in James Town school bags, stationaries and other teaching and learning materials to support the efforts of parents in providing quality education for them.

The CEO of Adamus Resources told the Ghana News Agency that, ‘I am grateful to God for the many opportunities and of course, I have achieved this feat through quality education and so on this very important milestone in my life, I feel honoured to share my life with these children who are the future leaders.’

She said quality education, put values in children and mould them into better versions of themselves for social benefits and encouraged parents and education stakeholders to be mindful of the kind of education to inculcate into the Ghanaian child.

‘Celebrating another birthday is a blessing and I really feel honoured to be in the midst of these children; thank you all for sharing in my joy,’Ms List added.

In a related development, the CEO continued to impact lives of women in her catchment area through the Women Empowerment (WE) project in Ellembelle District in the Western Region.

The project had so far given hope to 90 women through employable skills such as beauty technology, hairdressing, cosmetic science, make up, millinery and accessories for them to be economically empowered.

Source: Ghana News Agency