Can-Am Factory Racers Make History Winning Sixth Dakar Rally

 Austin Jones Becomes Youngest Back-to-Back Dakar Champion in T3, Eryk Goczal Becomes Youngest Dakar Winner in T4

VALCOURT, QC, Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Can-Am, a brand of BRP (TSX: DOO) (NASDAQ: DOOO), has won its sixth straight Dakar Rally, winning both the T3 Lightweight Prototype class and T4 Modified Production class. Austin Jones and Seth Quintero, with the Red Bull Can-Am Factory Team, secured first and second overall in the T3 Lightweight Prototype class in their Can-Am Maverick X3 machines. In the T4 class, Eryk Goczal won in his Energylandia South Racing Can-Am machine, becoming the youngest Dakar Rally winner at 18-years old, followed by Rokas Baciuška of the Red Bull Factory Can-Am team in second, and Marek Goczal in third, for a T4 podium sweep. This accomplishment is a major statement at the world’s hardest off-road race, with 15 days of racing and covering 8,500 kilometers of brutal Saudi Arabian terrain.

Can-Am Factory Racers Make History Winning Sixth Dakar Rally

“Seeing our teams go out and already break boundaries, set new records, and reach new levels of success is truly inspiring for all of us.” said Anne-Marie LaBerge, Chief Marketing Officer at BRP. “We congratulate the team and are eager to celebrate many more important milestones with them.”

“The team performed exceptionally, taking home 25 out of the 26 cars. This Dakar was particularly challenging, and the fact that we achieved success in both T3 and T4 categories is a testament to our strength. We are grateful to all who contributed to our success and are now looking forward to a much-needed rest,” said Scott Abraham, Team Principal of South Racing and Red Bull Can-Am Factory Team.

As the racing got underway in the T3 class, it was Francisco “Chaleco” Lopez who would jump to the early overall lead after the first two stages, but would relinquish the lead to Seth Quintero after brutal weather conditions struck on the third stage. Quintero then suffered his own technical issues during the fourth stage and would relinquish the lead, but luckily Austin Jones’ win on stage three and other consistent finishes were adding up to keep him in the battle for the overall win. Jones grabbed the overall lead after stage 11 and never looked back, driving a smart and consistent race all the way to the finish. Jones and his co-pilot, Gustavo Gugelmini finished the 8,500 km race in 51:55.53, followed by Quintero in second, Cristina Gutierrez in fourth, and Chaleco in fifth. Every member of the Red Bull Can-Am Factory Team in the T3 class secured at least one stage win, for a total of 6 stage wins and 13 podium finishes throughout the race.

“The last leg was really hard. There was a ton of mud, and I was really anxious, but we managed to make it to the end. This has been the most difficult Dakar I’ve ever raced. We’ve had our share of highs and lows, but we kept going and here we are back-to-back champions! We’re ecstatic, a big shout-out to the whole team and my navigator Gustavo who did an incredible job. It was an awesome journey around Saudi Arabia. I’m not thinking about next year yet, but I’ll be back!” said Austin Jones, Red Bull Can-Am Factory Team Racer and youngest back-to-back two-time Dakar winner.

The T4 category was action packed from start to finish. A battle between Rokas Baciuška of the Red Bull Can-Am Factory Team and rookie Eryk Goczal of the South Racing Can-Am Squad, would keep the race exciting all the way to the checkered flag.  would come out strong, with wins on stages one and four, but Baciuška would respond quickly with wins on stages five and seven that would give him the overall lead. The race remained tight between the two all the way to the final stage, with two racers trading wins throughout. Baciuška would maintain the overall lead until the last stage, where he encountered some issues, Goczal would go on to take the overall win, making him the youngest Dakar Rally winner in history. The rookie and his co-pilot, Oriol Mena, finished the race with an overall time of 53:10.14, followed by Baciuška in second, and Marek Goczal in third for a Can-Am podium sweep.

“This is my first Dakar. It’s one of my dreams to be here, I couldn’t be more thankful for my family and team, they made this all possible. We took a big risk to go for the overall lead a few days ago, I gave it everything I had and it paid off,” said Eryk Goczal, Energylandia South Racing Can-Am Racer and rookie Dakar winner.

About BRP

We are a global leader in the world of powersports products, propulsion systems and boats built on 80 years of ingenuity and intensive consumer focus. Our portfolio of industry-leading and distinctive products includes Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft and pontoons, Can-Am on and off-road vehicles, Alumacraft and Quintrex boats, Manitou pontoons and Rotax marine propulsion systems as well as Rotax engines for karts and recreational aircraft. We complete our lines of products with a dedicated parts, accessories and apparel portfolio to fully enhance the riding experience. With annual sales of CA$7.6 billion from over 120 countries, our global workforce includes close to 20,000 driven, resourceful people.

Ski-Doo, Lynx, Sea-Doo, Can-Am, Rotax, Alumacraft, Manitou, Quintrex, and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. or its affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

For media enquiries: Neil Storz, Media Relations, Can-Am,

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Corre Energy Expands Project Operations to North America

NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Incentives for Energy Storage Projects in the US and Canada Offer a Unique Opportunity to Accelerate Decarbonization of North American Power Generation.

Corre Energy B.V. has expanded its energy storage project development operations into the United States and Canada. Corre Energy US Development Company LLC, a subsidiary of Corre Energy B.V., has been formally launched to source and develop utility-scale compressed air energy storage (CAES) projects across North America.

CAES is a commercially proven technology that can use renewable energy to compress air into underground salt caverns when power demand and prices are low. This energy is later released to the grid to increase supply when demand and prices are higher, enhancing the stability, reliability, and security of the network. When combustion of green hydrogen is included as part of the CAES plant’s technical design, the electricity it supplies has a zero-carbon footprint.

The US Department of Energy ranks CAES1 as the lowest cost long duration energy storage technology. The relatively inexpensive nature of the physical hedge provided to Corre Energy’s customers allows them to ‘time shift’ the variable energy they produce and enhance the profitability of their renewable assets. In this way, CAES facilities can support the more rapid deployment of renewable generation assets across North America, accelerating the decarbonization of the generation fleet.

In return for allowing renewable generators to store energy in its CAES plants and discharge that energy when its value is highest, Corre Energy will typically charge a set fee and share in the upside revenue earned by its customers, under what is termed an “offtake agreement.”

Keith McGrane, Chief Executive Officer of Corre Energy, commented: “Last month we signed binding commercial terms for a 15-year offtake agreement with Eneco, a leading renewable energy supplier in the Netherlands, for the entire multi-day storage capacity of ZW1, our 320-megawatt project. That agreement confirms the attractiveness of our business model and will support development of a project portfolio in North America.” McGrane added: “As the market leader for long duration energy storage projects in Europe, we look forward to transferring our knowhow into the US and Canada. Our North American operations will also provide opportunities for investors mainly focused on the North American market to participate in financing the debt and equity requirements of our North American subsidiary and its CAES projects.”

Chet Lyons, a pioneer in the energy storage industry, has been named president of Corre Energy US Development Company LLC. Lyons played an instrumental role in developing and commercializing merchant-based energy storage projects to perform frequency regulation ancillary services in the United States, Canada, and globally.

Lyons commented: “The success of Corre Energy B.V. in Europe and new once-in-a-generation government incentives for long duration energy storage projects in both the US and Canada make this the perfect time to build our North American project portfolio.” Lyons added: “Investment Tax Credits of 30 to 40 percent of total project costs and Production Tax Credits for the use of hydrogen will have a beneficial impact on project economics and can make our projects carbon free, enabling us to play a key role in the decarbonization of North American power generation.”

1 R. Baxter, et. al., “2022 Grid Energy Storage Technology Cost and Performance Assessment,” US Department of Energy, Technical Report Publication No. PNNL 33283, August 2022.

About Corre Energy
Corre Energy B.V. is headquartered in the Netherlands and listed on the Euronext Growth Exchange in Dublin (CORRE). Corre Energy designs, develops, constructs, and operates utility-scale Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) projects in Europe and is developing a project pipeline in North America. Through our project development activities, Corre Energy is working to accelerate the global transition to net zero, while enhancing the security and flexibility of large-scale energy systems.

In North America, project development is done by Corre Energy US Development Company LLC, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

For further information please contact:

European operations:

North American operations:
Chet Lyons, President
Corre Energy US Development Company LLC
M: 978-930-0760

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Crurated Arrecada US $ 7,2 Milhões para Inovar Ainda Mais na Comunidade de Vinhos com Base em Blockchain e Expandir o Alcance do Mercado

Depois de mais um ano de sucesso, a empresa começará a fazer parcerias com produtores de vinho em outros países além da França e da Itália

LONDRES, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A Crurated, a comunidade de vinhos com sede em Londres, criada para conectar os conhecedores com os produtores de todo o mundo, anunciou hoje que a empresa arrecadou US $ 7,2 milhões de um grupo de investidores privados. O dinheiro será usado para desenvolver ainda mais a plataforma tecnológica, expandir as parcerias com produtores de outros países além da França e da Itália, e aumentar a participação geral no mercado em todo o mundo.

“O ano passado foi inovador e trouxe muito sucesso para toda a nossa equipe e para os produtores com os quais fizemos parceria”, disse Alfonso de Gaetano, fundador da Crurated. “Além de nos tornarmos a primeira comunidade de vinhos a oferecer vendas fracionadas de barris apoiadas pela tecnologia NFT, assinamos um contrato de distribuição exclusiva com a Charles Lachaux, aumentamos nossa lista para mais de 60 produtores e atraímos um público mais jovem de enófilos para a plataforma.”

A Crurated relata que 70% da sua base de membros tem menos de 45 anos de idade. E 35% dos membros têm menos de 35 anos, mais jovens do que a maioria dos compradores de vinho, que tendem a ter 45 anos ou mais. A equipe acredita que as parcerias diretas da Crurated com os principais produtores de vinho de todo o mundo, a abordagem inovadora de como o vinho é comprado na plataforma — compras/leilões de lotes tradicionais e vendas fracionadas de barris — bem como o uso de NFTs para validar a autenticidade de um vinho, está ajudando a aumentar o interesse pelo vinho entre um público mais jovem.

Além disso, a receita aumentou 214% no primeiro semestre do segundo ano em comparação com o primeiro semestre do primeiro ano. A associação aumentou 180% no primeiro semestre do segundo ano em relação ao primeiro semestre do primeiro ano, com um aumento de 400% no acumulado anual.

Sobre a Crurated
Lançada em 2021 com ênfase na França e na Itália, a Crurated é uma associação da comunidade vinícola criada para conectar conhecedores e produtores de todo o mundo. Uma equipe de especialistas oferece serviços personalizados e experiências autênticas, enquanto o serviço de logística contínuo da Crurated garante a qualidade e a proveniência, graças ao armazenamento seguro da adega e à inovadora tecnologia blockchain. Para mais informação sobre a Crurated, visite

Contato de RP
Michael Volpatt

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Crurated lève 7,2 millions de dollars pour apporter davantage d’innovation à la communauté des vignerons basée sur la blockchain et pour étendre sa portée sur le marché

Après une autre année prospère, la société commencera également à s’associer à des producteurs de vin au-delà de la France et de l’Italie

LONDRES, 17 janv. 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Crurated, la communauté londonienne de vignerons basée sur l’adhésion et conçue pour mettre en relation les connaisseurs avec des producteurs de classe mondiale, a annoncé aujourd’hui que la société avait levé 7,2 millions de dollars auprès d’un groupe d’investisseurs privés. Les fonds seront utilisés pour faire davantage évoluer la plateforme technologique, étendre les partenariats de producteurs au-delà de la France et de l’Italie, et accroître la part de marché globale à travers le monde.

« L’année qui vient de s’écouler a été à la fois innovante et prospère pour toute notre équipe et les producteurs avec lesquels nous nous sommes associés », a déclaré Alfonso de Gaetano, fondateur de Crurated. « En plus de devenir la première communauté de vignerons à proposer des ventes de tonneaux fractionnés soutenues par la technologie NFT, nous avons signé un contrat de distribution exclusif avec Charles Lachaux, augmenté notre liste de producteurs à plus de 60, et attiré une population plus jeune d’œnophiles sur la plateforme. »

Crurated rapporte que 70 % de ses membres ont moins de 45 ans. Par ailleurs, 35 % de ces membres ont moins de 35 ans et sont donc plus jeunes que la majorité des acheteurs de vin, qui tendent vers les 45 ans et plus. L’équipe pense que les partenariats directs de Crurated avec les principaux producteurs de vin du monde, son approche innovante de la façon dont le vin est acheté sur la plateforme [ventes de tonneaux fractionnés et achats de lots/enchères traditionnel(le)s], ainsi que l’utilisation des NFT pour valider l’authenticité d’un vin, contribuent ensemble à accroître l’intérêt pour le vin chez une population plus jeune.

En outre, les recettes ont augmenté de 214 % au premier semestre de la deuxième année par rapport au premier semestre de la première année. L’adhésion a augmenté de 180 % au premier semestre de la deuxième année par rapport au premier semestre de la première année, et s’est accrue de 400 % depuis le début de l’année.

À propos de Crurated
Lancée en 2021 en mettant un accent particulier sur la France et l’Italie, Crurated est une communauté de vignerons basée sur l’adhésion, conçue pour mettre en relation les connaisseurs et les producteurs de classe mondiale. Une équipe de spécialistes fournit des services personnalisés et des expériences authentiques, tandis que le service logistique transparent de Crurated garantit la qualité et l’origine grâce à un stockage sécurisé dans des caves à vin et une technologie de blockchain innovante. Pour en savoir plus sur Crurated, veuillez consulter le site

Contact RP
Michael Volpatt

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Accor One Living launches with innovative hospitality solutions and support for mixed-use developments


PARIS, Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Accor, a world leading hospitality group, today announced the creation of Accor One Living – an industry-first platform dedicated to the integration of innovative hospitality solutions into mixed-used developments. Accor One Living will support the development and operation of branded residences – anchored by managed and franchised Accor hotels and resorts – and other unique products that add value to mixed-use projects, such as coworking offerings, extended stay hotels, private clubs and more. Creating synergy between these complimentary hospitality products can significantly enhance the financial performance of a mixed-use project, while providing signature brand experiences for homeowners, guests, and community members.

Accor One Living is an industry-first platform dedicated to the integration of innovative hospitality solutions into mixed-used developments

Accor One Living consolidates Accor’s leadership in the branded residences category. Currently, the Group has more than 135 branded residences projects operating or in development, across 22 distinct brands. Looking ahead, Accor One Living expects to open more than 125 new branded residence communities over the next several years, including standout flagships such as The OWO Residences by Raffles in London, SO/ Uptown Dubai Residences and Raffles Residences Boston Back Bay.

“Accor is carving a new path with the creation of Accor One Living, based on the tremendous success that we’ve earned as a leader in the branded residences and mixed-use category. Our momentum is powered by Accor’s diverse portfolio of compelling brands, a commitment to the success of our partners, and more than two decades of experience, where we have led the industry in creating highly desirable branded residence communities,” said Jeff Tisdall, Chief Business Officer, Accor One Living“Accor One Living will deliver unmatched value to our investment partners as we build extraordinary places to live, work, and play for a new generation of homeowners, guests and global explorers.”

Over the last five years, Accor has emerged as the #2 global player in the branded residences category. The sector is an important value driver for Accor, as branded residences and mixed-use developments are among the fastest growing segments the in hospitality industry. According to Savills International Development Consultancy, the branded residential sector has grown 150% over the past decade, creating more than 100,000 units across 640 projects around the world.

Through Accor One Living, we will continue to be motivated by our strong relationships with homeownerswho inspire the development projects we undertake,” added Tisdall. “Our branded residential communities achieve a delicate balance: privacy and exclusivity on one hand, while on the other, privileged access to the services and amenities from the brands our homeowners know and love. The importance of their satisfaction and loyalty is reflected in our industry-leading owners’ benefits program, recognizing our homeowners as VIPs wherever they travel within Accor’s global portfolio.

The OWO Residences by Raffles in London

One of the key differentiators for Accor One Living is its delivery of end-to-end solutions for hospitality and real estate investment partners, providing comprehensive support that is truly turnkey – extending across the entire life cycle of each project. Beginning with the planning phase, Accor One Living works with its partners to ensure design, services and benefits are customized to meet the needs of targeted homebuyers. During the sales and marketing phase, the Accor team helps partners communicate the lifestyle and experiences that its brands, services and residence owner privileges will make possible. Finally, in the operating phase, Accor One Living will continue to provide essential support – making hotels more profitable for investment partners and enabling a residential experience for homeowners that would not be otherwise possible.

SO/ Uptown Dubai ResidencesThe Accor One Living team is comprised of uniquely talented specialists, with decades of experience in branded residences and related mixed-use products. These specialists are organized regionally to ensure the Group’s development partners have access to the expertise they need in the markets where they will execute their strategies for mixed-use developments, standalone branded residences, or other unique products such as coworking spaces, private clubs, extended stay hotels, and more.

Real estate investors and developers have long chosen to partner with Accor for the revenue boost that Accor’s powerful sales, distribution and loyalty platforms provide, and their satisfaction in knowing the Group has a brand that will comfortably match their project, their guest or homeowner profile, and their developments unique, local aesthetic. Accor One Living further supports its residential development partners with the benefit of a dedicated website prospective homeowners the opportunity to explore Accor’s entire portfolio of branded residences around the world and connect directly with the sales and marketing teams of each project. A second website supports the homeowners of branded residences and investment partners with a tool for marketing the rental of private residences and extended stay hotel properties. “Apartments and Villas” is a leading example of how Accor One Living is tailoring distribution solutions to meet the needs of private rental offerings, while enabling guests to feel at home anywhere in the world.


Raffles Boston Back Bay Hotel & ResidencesAccor is a world leading hospitality group consisting of 5,300 properties and 10,000 food and beverage venues throughout 110 countries. The Group has one of the industry’s most diverse and fully-integrated hospitality ecosystems encompassing more than 40 luxury, premium, midscale and economy hotel brands, entertainment and nightlife venues, restaurants and bars, branded private residences, shared accommodation properties, concierge services, coworking spaces and more. Accor’s unmatched position in lifestyle hospitality – one of the fastest growing categories in the industry – is led by Ennismore, a joint venture, which Accor holds a majority shareholding. Ennismore is a creative hospitality company with a global collective of entrepreneurial and founder-built brands with purpose at their heart. Accor boasts an unrivalled portfolio of distinctive brands and more than 230,000 team members worldwide. Members benefit from the company’s comprehensive loyalty program – ALL – Accor Live Limitless – a daily lifestyle companion that provides access to a wide variety of rewards, services and experiences. Through its global sustainability commitments (such as achieving Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2050, global elimination of single use plastics in its hotels’ guest experience, etc.), Accor Solidarity, RiiSE and ALL Heartist Fund initiatives, the Group is focused on driving positive action through business ethics, responsible tourism, environmental sustainability, community engagement, diversity and inclusivity. Founded in 1967, Accor SA is headquartered in France and publicly listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (ISIN code: FR0000120404) and on the OTC Market (Ticker: ACCYY) in the United States. For more information visit, or follow Accor on Twitter, FacebookLinkedInInstagram and TikTok.

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Media contacts:

Charlotte Thouvard
Senior Vice President Global Communications

Mike Taylor
VP Group External Communications

‫ على هامش فعاليات أسبوع أبوظبي للاستدامة

 مصدر ” توقع  اتفاقيات مع شركة النفط الوطنية في أذربيجان لتطوير مشاريع طاقة متجددة بقدرة إجمالية 4 جيجاواط 

·  الاتفاقيات تشمل مشاريع في مجالات الطاقة الشمسية الكهروضوئية وطاقة الرياح البرية، ومشاريع متكاملة لطاقة الرياح البحرية والهيدروجين الأخضر

·  تأتي هذه الخطوة في أعقاب توقيع اتفاقيات مع وزارة الطاقة في جمهورية أذربيجان لتطوير برنامج مشترك للطاقة المتجددة بقدرة إنتاجية إجمالية تبلغ 10 جيجاواط

·  المشاريع تأتي في إطار دعم تحقيق هدف أذربيجان المتمثل في توفير 30 بالمائة من الطاقة الكهربائية من مصادر متجددة بحلول عام 2030

أبوظبي،  الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 17 يناير 2023: أعلنت شركة أبوظبي لطاقة المستقبل “مصدر”، إحدى الشركات الرائدة عالمياً في مجال الطاقة المتجددة، اليوم، عن توقيع اتفاقيات مع شركة النفط الوطنية في أذربيجان (سوكار) لتطوير مشاريع في مجالات الطاقة الشمسية الكهروضوئية وطاقة الرياح البرية، ومشاريع متكاملة لطاقة الرياح البحرية والهيدروجين الأخضر، بقدرة إجمالية تبلغ 4 جيجاواط. 

Masdar Partners with Azerbaijan’s SOCAR to Develop Renewable Energy Projects with 4 GW Capacity

وبحضور معالي الدكتور سلطان بن أحمد الجابر، وزير الصناعة والتكنولوجيا المتقدمة، الرئيس المعيّن لمؤتمر COP28 ، رئيس مجلس إدارة  مصدر  ، ومعالي ميكائيل جباروف، وزير الاقتصاد الاذربيجاني قام بتوقيع الاتفاقيات كل من محمد جميل الرمحي، الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة “مصدر”، وروفشان نجف رئيس شركة النفط الوطنية في أذربيجان (سوكار)، وذلك على هامش فعاليات أسبوع أبوظبي للاستدامة، المنصة العالمية المعنية بتسريع التنمية المستدامة، والتي تستضيفها “مصدر” في العاصمة أبوظبي.

وبهذه المناسبة، قال معالي الدكتور سلطان بن أحمد الجابر: “تماشياً مع رؤية القيادة بمد جسور التعاون ودعم تحقيق التنمية المستدامة، تأتي هذه الاتفاقيات المهمة لتسهم في توطيد العلاقات الثنائية الوثيقة التي تربط بين دولة الإمارات وجمهورية أذربيجان، كما أنها تعكس التزام الدولتين المشترك بتنويع مزيج الطاقة وتطوير حلول منخفضة وعديمة الانبعاثات الكربونية”.

وأضاف معاليه : “ اجتماع قادة عالميين ضمن أسبوع أبوظبي للاستدامة الذي يقام في دولة الإمارات، يعكس مدى أهمية التعاون وبناء الشراكات الفاعلة لضمان تحقيق انتقال واقعي ومنطقي وتدريجي وعادل في قطاع الطاقة، ونتطلع أن نشهد المزيد من الإعلانات عن اتفاقيات وتحالفات ومشاريع مهمة خلال أسبوع أبوظبي للاستدامة “.

من جانبه، قال محمد جميل الرمحي : “ تعد أذربيجان شريكاً استراتيجياً بالنسبة لنا في شركة  مصدر  ، ونحن فخورون بالمساهمة في دعم مساعيها في مجال الطاقة النظيفة وتمثل هذه الاتفاقيات خطوة مهمة على طريق تعزيز هذا التعاون المثمر فيما بيننا، والذي من شأنه دعم تحقيق أهداف أذربيجان الخاصة بالطاقة المتجددة ومسيرتها المتواصلة لتعزيز التنمية الاقتصادية المستدامة “.

وكانت “مصدر” قد وقعت في شهر يونيو الماضي، اتفاقيات تنفيذ مع وزارة الطاقة في جمهورية أذربيجان لتطوير برنامج مشترك للطاقة المتجددة بتقنيات متعددة وبقدرة إنتاجية إجمالية تبلغ (10 جيجاواط)، فيما يعد البرنامج الأكبر من نوعه في تاريخ أذربيجان. وحددت اتفاقيات التطوير المشتركة مبادئ التعاون والشراكة بين الطرفين لتطوير المرحلة الأولى من البرنامج، بقدرة إجمالية تبلغ 4 جيجاواط.

وتعد (سوكار) شركة وطنية متكاملة للنفط والغاز تدعم أمن الطاقة في جمهورية أذربيجان. وتستهدف أذربيجان زيادة حصة الطاقة المولّدة من مصادر متجددة إلى 30 في المائة بحلول عام 2030، حيث تتطلع البلاد إلى تنويع اقتصادها وتقليل انبعاثات غازات الاحتباس الحراري.

وتقوم “مصدر” أيضاً بتطوير محطة “كاراداغ” للطاقة الشمسية الكهروضوئية بقدرة 230 ميجاواط في أذربيجان. وستساهم المحطة في توليد نصف مليار كيلوواط/ ساعة من الكهرباء سنوياً، وهو ما يكفي لتلبية احتياجات أكثر من 110 آلاف منزل، كما ستساهم في تفادي أكثر من 200 ألف طن من الانبعاثات الكربونية سنوياً، فضلاً عن توفير العديد من فرص العمل القيمة.

وكانت “مصدر” قد أعلنت مؤخراً عن هيكليتها الجديدة التي شملت إطلاق أعمال الشركة في مجال الهيدروجين الأخضر، لتصبح بذلك واحدة من أكبر الشركات العالمية في مجال الطاقة النظيفة، مع توقعات بأن تصل القدرة الإجمالية لمشاريعها إلى 100 جيجاواط من الطاقة المتجددة وإنتاج مليون طن سنوياً من الهيدروجين الأخضر بحلول عام 2030. وستسهم مصدر، بوصفها شركة عالمية رائدة في مجال الطاقة النظيفة في تحقيق استراتيجية دولة الإمارات للحيادة المناخي 2050، وتسريع جهود التحول الشامل في قطاع الطاقة العالمي.

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